Zweigart Tula: 10 Count, White

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Speciality punch needle fabric imported from Zweigart, Germany.

Perfect fabric for Punch Needle and cross-stitching projects. The rows are uniform making it easier to punch straight designs if you so wish to do. Tula is slightly stiffer and sturdier than Monk's Cloth, which makes it ideal for more heavy duty projects such as carpets or pillows. It also doesn't fray as much.

Your punch needle experience will be a lot better when your fabric is nicely stretched. A no-slip hoop only works for pieces up to 20 cm. If you want to make a cushion cover, rug or other big piece a stretched punch needle canvas is the most cost effective solution. (Frames soon to be added to shop, but you can ask your local hardware or art store to help you out).

Product details:

Material: 60% Rayon 40% Cotton

Count: 10

Colour: White